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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What Are You Standing On?

What Are You Standing On?Sunday 9th October 2016

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In Isaiah 7 we find King Ahaz of Judah as he prepares to deal with an invasion from two kingdoms to the north.  The people of Judah are terrified and looking for someone to rescue them.  In this setting God steps in to remind Ahaz who is really in charge, and tells him exactly how He will deliver the nation despite their lack of trust in Him.  Ahaz is challenged to stand firm in his faith, or he will not stand at all.
As you go through challenges of many different kinds, what or who do you rely on for help?  The challenge given to Ahaz is equally valid for you and I today!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

How Christ Sees His Church

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In Acts 9 we read about an amazing encounter that turns a life around. Saul thought Jesus was a false messiah and that His followers were a plague on society. He was determined to wipe out those people and stop the spread of their despicable beliefs. Yet Jesus meets Saul and reveals His glory as God the Son; and the glory of the Church as His Body. Saul is transformed to become the man we know today as the Apostle Paul. A man who dedicated his life to spreading the news about Jesus and nurturing the growth and health of His Church.

There’s an amazing truth that Jesus reveals to Paul: How we treat the Church is how we treat Christ. In this message we explore that concept to allow God to shape our lives in the way He shaped Paul’s, so that we might share his sense of wonder and love for the Church that God has called us into.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ministry Update from Dr Anne-Sophie-Rowcroft

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Anne-Sophie is a medical missionary working with SIM in Galmi, Niger.  It's an incredibly demanding yet strategic work as she shares and declares the love of God in the communities God has called her to serve.  Be encouraged and challenged as she shares with us about what God is doing and how He is sustaining her through the overwhelming challenges to do what only He can do through her and the team she is part of.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Father's Day 2016 - What Children Really Need from their Dads

From Matthew 7:7-11 we discover not only what God is like as the perfect Father, but also how our human parents have been designed to reflect those qualities to our own children. In this message we explore 4 good gifts that Dads can give their kids in order to help them thrive; and how important it is that we don't rely on our ourselves to do that but that we draw from the only One who perfectly meets the needs of His children.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

James: True Religion Series Part 3

James: True Religion Series
There is No 'In-Crowd'

Part 3

. Imagine a Christian superstar visited our church - how would we receive him or her?  We'd most probably have that mix of excitement and nervousness that comes from being around people who we consider to be 'above us' and who have so much social power over us.  What would it be like to have this person's endorsement... but what about if they criticize us?  We'll do all we can to get them to like us!
According to James, the whole idea of celebrity culture doesn't actually fit in the church.  It's natural, but not OK.  Treating any person as more or less important than any other is an offense not only to those who we disrespect, it's an offense to God!  We look at Luke 15 for some hard-hitting challenges about how we apply this truth in the life of our church.